How to take body measurements (female) for couture or custom made garments.



  • Wear fine and body hugging garments so that your measurements are not affected by thickness of garment fabric, wearing body hugging cloths while taking measurements allows you to take measurement at right curvature of the body.
  • Someone helping you with taking measurement is much easier and comfortable, also you can cross check if every recorded measurement is error free and taken following proper given guidelines.
  • It’s better to take length measurements with the actual heel that you will be wearing with the outfit for which you are taking measurements.
  • All circumference measurements should be taken in way that there is no slag in the tape and lies in the same plane (tape should not droop at the back)
  • Make sure that measuring tape is not tightly wrapped or too loose to slip, while taking measurement, tape should go round the body gently touching the surface of body.
  • Take all measurement in one unit, Inch measurements are preferred by clothing labels.


All measurements that are needed are marked in serial wise over illustrations, you can even see the details of each measurement against it.


Basic labeled size information against the basic body measurement.

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